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Wireless Alarm Systems BellCSM Security Locksmiths are based in Central Milton Keynes. We supply and install wireless alarm systems in Milton Keynes and throughout Herts, Beds and Bucks. Having an alarm system installed on your home will deter intruders and make your home more secure. Are aim here at CSM Security Locksmiths is to make your home as safe and secure as possible. The alarm systems we supply and install are suitable for small, medium or large homes. The wireless alarm systems we use function on two way wireless technology. You can also use a two way wireless keyfob to arm and disarm the alarm system. Our systems also have a wireless range of up to 1.6kmin open space! These systems are really reliable as they use dual antenna technology, this helps reduce dead spots.

You can also have your system set up so that up to four users can receive SMS alarm alert messages. There are plenty of cool features that come with this top of the range system, including being able to operate your alarm system from anywhere in the world via an app! If you would like to know more or you would like a free survey, please contact a member of our team and they will assist you.

Wireless Detection FeaturesWireless Alarm System Hub

  • Dual Technology Detector
  • Dual Technology Pet Immune Detector PIR
  • Digital Quad PIR
  • Digital Curtain PIR
  • Digital Long Range PIR

The best alarm systems that can easily detect any intrusion into an area or building. Alarm systems are used all over the world in various places. They are used for residential, commercial, military and industrial protection to keep safe from burglary or vandalism. There are also alarm systems for vehicles and prisons have advanced alarm and security system to keep the inmates in check.

There is a wide range of alarm systems that you can use according to what your security needs are. These are some of the alarm systems in use nowadays.

Intruder And Burglar Alarms

The purpose of an intruder alarm system is to monitor and detect unauthorized entry to premises. In case of an unauthorized intrusion, the alarm alerts the property owner to the intrusion. It is a good idea to have burglar alarm systems in place. They don’t cost too much and keep your business and home safe from intruders and burglars.

Intruder alarms have sensors that connect to a control unit using an RF signal or a lowPIR Sensor
voltage wiring. The sensors that are most common detect motion through passive infrared (PIR) or detect the opening of a window or door. There are newer, more advanced burglar and intruder alarms with wireless systems and other economic installations.

Wireless Alarm Systems

When it comes to wireless alarm systems, you have three options.

  • A system that uses wireless sensor and your internet connection to send a signal to your control unit.
  • A wireless system that transmits data to the control unit via wireless cellular signal.
  • A wireless system that you can monitor and control from the internet, it has a web based alerts and cellular connection.

The last option is the most wireless and also more expensive than the first two options. However, it is also more advanced and easier to manage. You can manage your wireless alarm system from anywhere as long as you have internet. Signing in to your alarm system from anywhere via the internet is known as interactive monitoring and is becoming a very popular option. With a wireless system you become more connected to your alarm system and can prevent an intrusion or other disaster more easily. Once your alarm system sends you a text about a door or window that has been unlocked or an intruder alert, you can sign in from wherever you are and monitor the whole situation and control the outcome.

Two Way Wireless Key-fobWireless Alarm System Key-fob

In a two way wireless, the remote devices and the control unit communicate with each other bi-directionally. That is, they can pass information back and forth to each other so the status of other wireless devices is known at all times. This system allows a key-fob to remotely arm and disarm the alarm system and gives a better security system. There is no tampering with the control unit and problems can be solved remotely, improving overall security.

The alarm systems we supply and install are suitable for use in installations designed to meet the European requirements of Security Grade 2Environmental Class 2. When the alarm system is fully operational, in combination with PSTN or GSM and suitable ARC equipment it meets the requirements of ATS2.

For further information about our grade 2 – wireless alarm systems, please contact a member of our team in Milton Keynes. We are always happy to advise and assist you.


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